The IV Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe will take place during the Export Expo. It is the only initiative of this type, covering Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and China, and gathering a record number of entrepreneurs.

During the previous editions of the Congress, the guests were, among others, representatives of over 50 chambers of commerce from Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Hungary. In total, we hosted approximately 1750 foreign entrepreneurs and over 2,100 native as Hosted Buyers.

Such a large share of economic self-government is a good announcement for the Polish economy, which is becoming the leader in the organization of business meetings between entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Congress is a place to establish permanent cooperation between the world of science and the economic self-government from the country and with neighbors from abroad.

Participation in these initiatives creates opportunities to establish effective cooperation between the University and entrepreneurs from Poland, Central and Eastern Europe as well as from China.

The IV Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe and the “Export Expo” trade fair are the events accompanying the 9th edition of China Homelife Show and China Machinex. They create the conditions for establishing scientific and economic cooperation between Poland, China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

As in previous editions, we anticipate an invitation via the Chambers of Commerce of nearly 2,000 representatives from countries from Central and Eastern Europe and about 3,000 Polish entrepreneurs.

Assumptions of the Congress:

  • acting for the cooperation of territorial self-government and economic self-government,
  • lobbying for the development of economic exchange of entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe,
  • creating a platform for wide international cooperation of business entities
  • creating a system of information and economic promotion for entrepreneurs,
  • cooperation of economic self-government with local government and state administration,
  • representing business interests in all aspects related to their activities,
  • promotion and attention to high standards of business activity, ethical standards in business and dissemination of the principles of corporate social responsibility,
  • support for the promotion and export of products, services and capital of entrepreneurs organized in the economic self-government, including through cooperation with bilateral and multilateral chambers.